wa⋅ter⋅thum⋅ber - noun. A sweet application for Mac OS X that allows you to batch-process your pictures and get them ready for the web by allowing you to: produce high-quality thumbnails, re-size your pictures, tweak and watermark them!

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Here's some of the features that makes WaterThumber unique!

  • Produce High-Quality Images
    By using High Interpolation the resulting images are more crisp, more clear. In other words, they look much better!
  • Smart Image Rotation
    WaterThumber will automatically detect image orientation and rotate them accordingly! Not only that, but it will also change the EXIF information to reflect that change so that your images aren't corrupted.
  • Preserve your EXIF Data
    WaterThumber can preserve your EXIF Data. ALL your EXIF Data, including GPS coordinates and brand-specific camera information. Oh did we mention that your RAW/NEF/CR2 images meta-data will also be preserved?
  • Preview Before Launching Batch Jobs
    Launching a batch job on 200 pictures without seeing a sample of the resulting images first would be absurd! Make sure you use WaterThumber's Preview features!
  • Multiple Re-Sizing Methods
    With WaterThumber you can: Re-size the longest side of your image, make your image fit into a specific size, or crop it to a custom-size with smart-cropping.
  • Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness
    There's no use in batch-processing images if you need to re-adjust them in Photoshop once you are done! Use WaterThumber's built-in brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness adjustment!
  • Add Borders to your Images or Thumbnails
    Again, there's really no need in batch-processing images if you are going to edit them later with another app! WaterThumber lets you add a custom border to your images or your thumbnails!

New in 2.0

  • Support for RAW Images
    A lot of professional photographers shoot in RAW format. Whether you shoot in RAW, NEF, CR2 or other raw image formats, WaterThumber supports it, and your meta data (ITPC, EXIF, XMP etc..) will be preserved!
  • Faster Processing
    Thanks to Leopard's new multi-processing features, WaterThumber 2.0 is now much faster! (Up to 500%!)
  • Session Saving
    Once you tweaked all your settings, you can save them to re-use them later on a new batch of image!
  • Live Preview
    Tweak your settings and view the result right away! No need to reload the preview anymore.
  • File Re-Naming
    You can now re-name your files in a smart way with automatic file numbering.
  • Much More!
    Better looking interface, smarter re-sizing methods, more stable, saturation and sharpness adjustments... basically, a sweeter app!


Here's some screenshots that will show you each panels of WaterThumber 2.3.1

Input Images

Image Processing


Text Watermark

Image Watermark

Renaming/Output Images


Try it for free

You can try WaterThumber for free for as long as you want. The Watermark option will be disabled and a SilverCocoa watermark will be placed in your images. To use your own watermarks (or none at all), you need to register WaterThumber for $20.

If you don't have Leopard, you can still use WaterThumber 1.0! Download WaterThumber 1.0

Buy a License

If you like WaterThumber and want to buy a license you can do so here.


WaterThumber's interface is very straight-forward and easy to use. If you are not sure about what a button or a text field does, leave your mouse over it and you should see a tooltip that will describe what you are pointing at in details.

There is also the official documentation (still incomplete but I'm working on it!) located here.

To help you get started, the following screencasts should be useful.

  • Image Input Panel ( Watch ScreenCast )
    This screencasts shows all there is to know (not much actually!) about the first panel, where you pick your image input directory.
  • Image Processing Panel ( Watch ScreenCast )
    This is where it gets interesting. Tweak, re-size and preview your images.
  • Thumbnails Panel ( Watch ScreenCast )
    The third panel is dedicated to thumbnails, watch this screencast for a quick demo.

More screencasts will be available soon...

If you have any other questions that weren't covered by those screencasts, feel free to email us. We usually reply within 24 hours, probably less. Also, make sure you check SilverCocoa's support page for more general questions.