The best way to reach Silvercocoa is to email me. Make sure you include either: "WaterThumber", "ScreenCapper" or "SilverCocoa" in your subject, so that the email is forwarded automatically on my cell phone, this way I can reply even if I'm on the road.

Keep in mind that silvercocoa is a one-man show so, I do have to get some sleep every once in a while! However, I can guarantee that you will receive a reply within a couple of hours in the worst case. (I.e. if you email me right when I went to bed!).

Also, I travel a lot (I usually leave for at least 1 month every year...), however, I still check and reply to my emails even while I'm on the road, the only difference is that, when I'm at home, you will usually get a reply within a matter of minutes, when I'm traveling, I check my emails once a day.

Currently I am: At Home
Thinking about my next trip...


WaterThumber Support

For WaterThumber specific support, have a look at WaterThumber's page located here.