About SilverCocoa

Silvercocoa was started by me, Jean-Nicolas Jolivet, a web-developper/programmer from Montreal, Canada who decided to learn the joys of Cocoa/OS X Programming.

I used to work mostly on web programming (PHP, Javascript, Ruby on Rails) however, I am a classically trained C++ programmer. I decided to stop software development because I thought the .NET/Microsoft environment was way too boring, then one day, I decided to buy a Mac, to learn some Objective-C and silvercocoa was born!

Developing Mac Softwares is not only a revenue for me (let's be honest, I doesn't even cover my bills), but it is, truly a hobby. I still develop a lot of Open Source stuff in my free times, which I always announce on my blog, but as much as I love Open Source, it's hard to make a living from it!

As of today, I am still the only employee (hell, might as well say I am the CEO! ;) of silvercocoa, which means I do everything myself: Code, Design, Customer Service etc.

What this means is that, when you buy a silvercocoa software, you encourage an independent developer and not some big corporation who doesn't really care about their customers. I dedicate most of my time to this project, and to my customers. Ask around, I've even built custom versions of my softwares for customers who had specific requirements, and that, without any additional costs.